Growth, On
Your Own Terms

Baylake Bank was formed to challenge the status quo. We believe in Real People having Real Conversations as the start of a Real relationship.

We challenge the status quo through complete transparency and by following our own advice. We would never recommend investments that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We use words like Responsive, Personal, Memorable and back it up with actions.

We have helped many people on the way to meet their financial goals. We will do the same for you.

In addition to expert guidance, benefit from a consolidated view of your assets in our online investment web app.

Early Investor

Start planning and saving early. Learn the fundamentals. We can help make it easy and cost-efficient. The most important aspect at this stage is to start.

Life Changes

Life is guaranteed to change; marriage, children, job changes, relocation.

Seasoned Investor

You have worked hard to accumulate assets. Now, prepare for the next steps in your life. Retirement planning, consolidating retirement assets, sale of business, trust and estate planning.

Value Proposition

At Baylake One, we combine private banking with our expertise in wealth management to deliver solid financial solutions to you. By taking a holistic approach in assessing our clients, we are able to provide innovative products with excellent service delivery. Our goal is to simply transform the traditional banking platform into an all-inclusive lifestyle management service.

Baylake One Private Banking is pleased to offer you the opportunity to invest in a Note linked to the performance of a Corporate Eurobond in order to optimize dollar-denominated returns. Furthermore, this investment will offer you a competitive return while also serving as a devaluation hedge in light of the sustained pressure on crude oil prices. With a minimum investible amount of US$10,000, you can earn dollar returns of up to 7% return on investment for a 1-year tenor.



Simple Interest Investments

We like people with dreams but we love people who go out and make those dreams happen. Let the Baylake Recurring Deposit Account aid your purposeful, incremental saving while you earn amazing interest.

Bond & Hedge Fund Investments

So, what’s that thing you have been dreaming about and want to save towards? A new car? Further education? A fancy vacation?

Get Started with a long term interest at double interest rates from simple interest investements

Investment benefits
at Baylake Bank

Baylake’s trust professionals can guide you through the complex and often-emotional decisions of planning your legacy goals.

Customized Services

Our customized services to build and preserve your wealth include:

  • Wealth transfer planning
  • Personalized trust solutions
  • Foundations and endowments
  • Trust administration
  • Estate settlement
  • Guardianships
Our Capabilities

Depending upon your needs and situation, Baylake can act in the capacity of:

  • Sole trustee
  • Co-trustee
  • Successor trustee
  • Personal representative
  • Co-personal representative
  • Guardian of the estate

Trust services are offered through Baylake National Bank, a national bank with trust powers. Trust services utilizes SEI Private Trust Company (SPTC) as its custody provider. SPTC is not affiliated in any way with Baylake National Bank or its affiliated companies.