Business &
Corporate Banking

We believe in offering all our business customers an expert and personal level of service. From sole traders to international corporates, our Relationship managers will get to know your needs.

Commercial banking at Baylake is simple. We believe that shared success between Baylake and your company is the basis for a successful relationship. We will bring the same passion for the success of your business that you do every day. We have been there and done that in all levels of commercial banking. We will guide you through the jargon and the sameness to find the right solution.

Everything Starts with a Conversation

The process we use is simple.  Everything starts with a conversation.  We sit down and talk about your business, your goals and your aspirations.  From there, we talk internally with our team of lenders, credit experts and executives to brainstorm ideas.  Everything is done locally and aligned with the goal of shared success.  That’s it.  It may seem simple, but this process has worked for many businesses.  It will work for you too.

To the Right - Grow Stats over the years n Corporate Clients

We sit down and talk about your
business, your goals, and your aspirations

Consider your bank account a business asset

When you consider the advantages that come with a Baylake Corporate Account and the many benefits to your business, coupled with the support and guidance you receive from your ever-attentive relationship manager, you would be right to consider it a valuable business asset.

Electronic Banking

Business is increasingly mobile as opportunities may arise far from home base. Our electronic banking platforms can keep you connected to your funds wherever you may be on the planet.

Cards Solutions

Paying with plastic is steadily becoming the rule rather than the exception. But our corporate cards aren’t only about replacing cash, as there is so much more you can do with them.

Business Services

International trade can be a complicated endeavor with different laws and practices to contend with in every market one conducts business. So you need a bank that understands international trade and can offer the best help.