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Ideas capable of reshaping our world often require vast sums of money to bring to life. Our loans have never met an idea they couldn’t birth. So bring on the big ideas and let’s change the world together.

Full-service mortgage lenders offering expertise in every aspect of mortgage lending from purchase loans to refinance loans to construction loans. Our competitive mortgage rates are backed by mortgage experts who are dedicated to finding the right loan-with the best mortgage rates, terms and costs-to meet your unique needs. Throughout the lending process, we provide regular loan updates and progress reports so you always know the status of your loan.


Overdraft is a type of loan which allows the borrower/obligor to draw a certain amount in excess of the credit balance in their current account within a specified tenor usually not exceeding Twelve months.

Receivable Discounting/Invoice Discounting is a loan that allows the borrower/obligor to obtain monetary value (usually discounted) against confirmed invoices for jobs already executed.

Import Finance Facility is a type of credit availed specifically for the importation of raw materials, finished goods, and equipment. This can be made available as Unconfirmed LC, Confirmed LC, Deferred Payment LC, Standby LC, and Irrevocable LC.

Export Finance Facility is a credit availed specifically for the export of agricultural produce or other commodities. This credit can either be availed at the pre-shipment or post-shipment stage of the transaction.

A lease is a specifically financed sale and leaseback financing to support the acquisition of asset or equipment.

Bonds and Guarantee: These create contingent exposure for the bank. They take the form of instruments issued on behalf of customers to support contracts for supply, construction, and performance.

  • Salary Advance - a revolving credit with a clean-up cycle availing up to 60% of your net monthly salary. This is a flexible funding solution that will help address short term financial needs.
  • Personal/Consumer loans to finance personal needs.
  • Asset acquisition/Car Loans to finance the purchase of vehicles or acquisition of household assets.
  • Mortgage Facility – This is designed to fulfill your aspiration to purchase your dream house with ease.